Nokia 2865i - 2. Set up your phone

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2. Set up your phone


Your device has an internal antenna.

Hold the device as you would
any other telephone with the
antenna area pointed up and
over your shoulder.

Note: As with any other radio transmitting device, do not touch the
antenna area unnecessarily when the device is switched on. Contact with
the antenna affects call quality and may cause the device to operate at
a higher power level than otherwise needed. Avoiding contact with the
antenna area when operating the device optimizes the antenna
performance and the battery life.


Note: Always switch off the power, and disconnect the charger
and any other device before removing the cover.
Avoid touching electronic components while changing the cover.
Always store and use the device with the cover attached.

Prolonged, continuous use of your device may increase the device temperature.
The increased temperature is a normal function of this product and does not pose
a safety concern for you or the device. If the temperature is uncomfortable to
you, use a headset or allow your device to return to room temperature before
your next call.

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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Remove the back

Slide the back cover toward
the bottom of the phone,
then lift the cover up and
remove it.

Remove the battery

After you remove the back
cover, insert your finger
into the finger grip, and
lift the battery from its

UIM (CDMA SIM) card slot

Your phone may have a built-in UIM card slot. However, the UIM is not
functional in this phone model. Avoid placing anything into the UIM card slot.

Replace the battery

1. Insert the battery,

gold-colored contact
end first, into the
battery slot.

2. Push down on the

other end of the
battery to snap the
battery into place.

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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Replace the
back cover

1. Set the back cover on the

phone with the cover tabs

aligned with the slots in

the phone.

2. Slide the back cover

toward the top of the

phone until the back cover

is securely in place.

Charge the battery

1. Plug the charger

transformer into
a standard ac outlet.

2. Insert the charger output

plug into the round jack
at the bottom of the phone.

If necessary, you
can use a CA-44
adapter cable (1)
to connect
a charger and
the phone.

After a few
seconds, the
battery indicator
in the display
scrolls. If the
battery is completely discharged, it may take a few minutes before the
charging indicator appears on the display or before any calls can be made.

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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Turn your phone on or off

1. To turn your phone on or off, press and

hold the end key for at least 3 seconds.

2. Enter the lock code, if necessary,

and select



Connect the headset

A compatible headset, such as HS-5,
may be purchased with your phone
or separately as an enhancement.
See "Enhancement settings," p. 65
for information.

1. Plug the headset connector into the

Pop-Port™ connector at the bottom
of your phone.

appears on

the display.

2. Position the headset on your ear.

With the headset connected, you can
make, answer, and end calls as usual.

Use the keypad to enter numbers.

Press the call key to place a call.

Press the end key to end a call.

You can also plug a compatible headset, such as the such as the HS-9 Universal
Headset, into the into the 2.5-mm headset jack on the side of your phone to
allow hands-free operation. See "Enhancement settings," p. 65.

Warning: When you use the headset, your ability to hear outside sounds
may be affected. Do not use the headset where it can endanger your safety.

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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Make calls


1. Enter the phone number (including the area code), and press the call key.

To delete a character to the left of the cursor, select



2. To end the call, press the end key. To cancel the call attempt, select

End call


Save contact option

1. Enter the phone number (including the area code) and select


, enter

a name for the contact, and select



2. To make the call, press the call key. To return to the standby mode, select



Contacts list

1. Scroll down to display your contacts.

2. Scroll to the contact you wish to dial, and press the call key. To view details

of the entry, select



Use the last dialed number

1. Press the call key to display the last 30 numbers dialed.

2. Scroll to the number or name you wish to redial, and press the call key.

Make a conference call

Conference calling is a network service that allows you to take part in a conference
call with two other participants.

1. Make a call to the first participant.

2. With the first participant on the line, select



New call


3. Enter the phone number of the second participant; or, to retrieve a number

from your contacts, select


and the contact you want to call.

4. Press the call key. The first participant is put on hold.

5. When the second participant picks up, press the call key to connect the calls.

6. To end the conference call, select



End all calls

, or press the end key.

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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Answer calls

Answer or silence an incoming call

1. To answer the call, press the call key or select



2. To reject the call, press the end key.



to mute the ringing tone. Select


or do nothing,

and the call is eventually forwarded to voice mail.

If your phone is set to


in the


menu, select


, and the call

is forwarded to voice mail.

Adjust the earpiece volume

Whether in or out of a call, you can scroll the volume key located on the left side
of your device up or down to adjust the volume of the earpiece. When you adjust
the volume, a bar chart indicates the volume level.

Answer a call with the keypad locked

To answer a call with the keypad locked, press the call key.

During the call, all features function normally. When you end or reject the call,
the keypad automatically relocks. See "Keyguard," p. 18 for details.

When the device is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency
number programmed into your device.

Use the loudspeaker

Warning: Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker
is in use because the volume may be extremely loud.

You can use your phone loudspeaker during a call:

To activate the loudspeaker, select


To deactivate the loudspeaker, select



The loudspeaker is deactivated automatically when a call or a call attempt
ends or when certain enhancements are connected.

Mute phone during call

To mute your phone during a call, select


; to unmute the phone,




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S e t u p y o u r p h o n e


Options during a call

Many of the options that you can use during a call are network services.
Check with your wireless service provider for more information.

During a call, select


and one of the following:




—Activate or deactivate the loudspeaker while in a call.

New call

—Initiate a conference call. See "Make a conference call," p. 16 for



—Save a number entered during a call.

Add to contact

—Add a number entered during a call to a contact in your list.

End all calls

—Disconnect from all active calls.

Touch tones

—Enter the numbers, and select


to send the numbers as tones.


—View the contacts list.


—View the phone menu.


With keyguard, you can lock the keypad to prevent keys from being pressed
accidentally. Remember to lock your phone keypad to prevent accidental calls
or activation of features. If the keypad is locked, it unlocks when you receive
a call. After the call, the lock automatically reactivates.

When the keyguard is on, calls may be possible to the official emergency number
programmed into your device.

To unlock the keypad, select


, and press * within 2 seconds.

To lock the keypad, select


, and press * within 2 seconds.

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